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  • Prevail® protective hygiene products!

    Helping a loved one put on a protective hygiene product and APPLYING THE INCONTINENCE PRODUCT PROPERLY When used correctly, Prevail® protective hygiene products allow wearers to lead an active life with comfort, cleanliness, and confidence. In fact, Prevail is a leading protective hygiene brand in healthcare.
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  • Welcome to our new store!!

    Stop by & check out the range! New Store opening in Howick Shop 1, Howick Village Mall, 1 Central Terrace
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  • MoliCare Premium Elastic

    MoliCare Premium Elastic is the new evolution in continence care, making application quick and easy.
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  • Home Care & Daily Living

    We provide the widest range of products to assist with daily living needs & personal care.
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  • **Prevail incontinence Range**

    Bladder leakage can occur at any time in a person’s life. Prevail offers a wide range of incontinence products for women and men
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  • Bathroom & Toilet Aid

    Bathing & Toilet Aids contains a range of bathroom aids accessories for the elderly and the disabled.
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